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What to expect when making a life insurance claim

If your health ever takes a turn for the worse, you may need to make a claim on your life insurance. Here’s a summary of how the claims process works and how I can help you along the way.


How to make a claim

If you set up your insurance policy with me, the first step is to get in touch. I’ll talk you through the process and help get your claim started. If you organised insurance through your super fund or directly with the insurer, you should contact them, and they’ll provide you with the next steps. You’re welcome to give me a call either way, and we can discuss the next steps.The claims process will involve providing information to the insurer so they can assess your eligibility. They may ask for things like your medical reports and test results, payslips, tax returns, details of your work duties, or (where claiming on a life insurance policy) a death certificate or medical report stating the cause of death.


Sometimes, your insurer may need to speak to your doctor directly, but they’ll always seek your permission first.

They may also request you see an appointed specialist for an independent medical examination. And if you need to be on an income protection payout for a while, you may need to have regular medical check-ups and complete progress claim forms.

How long does a claim take?

This depends on the type of insurance you’re claiming and the complexity of your situation. Generally, the quicker your insurer receives the information they need, the sooner you’re likely to get your claim result. I can help speed up the process by keeping tabs on the progress of your claim and following up with the insurer on your behalf, so you’ve got more time to focus on your well-being.

We’re here to help

When you’re already dealing with health issues, coordinating a claim can feel overwhelming. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you find yourself in this situation. Setting up your insurance is just one part of our job — remember, we’re here to help you at claim time too.


Reach out to our team here for guidance and support around your life insurance.


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