We share your ultimate goal of providing for, protecting and nurturing our families. We believe recognition and understanding of this goal is key to your financial success and ultimate peace of mind!

Welcome to Financial Management Solutions (FMS Group)

FMS Group provides an integrated advice offering, tailoring solutions for individuals and businesses with the ultimate goal of optimising your financial position.

We are an award winning, family orientated practice based in Long Jetty NSW, specialising in Accounting, Financial Planning, Mortgages & Loans, establishment and management of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), Retirement Planning, Debt Management, Risk Management and Estate Planning.

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Our new Financial Knowledge Centre is a vault of information, articles and questions to help our clients to increase their financial knowledge and provide skills to better manage money. Information Modules | Financial & Topical Articles | Videos | Life Events | Calculators | Quiz


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The Wealth Emporium part of FMS Group is Christine’s dream, for many years she has envisioned a space where she could educate and inspire other people. After a lot of thought and design ideas she created this industrial inspired space where she and the FMS Group team can do just that. A place where all of the community can come together and find out everything there is to know about Wealth, Financial Security and Prosperity. Christine loves education and has passed that on to her team at FMS Group! 

Here at The Wealth Emporium we now have the opportunity to hold client events, seminars, community events, high school class workshops, business planning meetings and many more events. This well thought-out part of our office has a technology table, 9 screen video wall that interacts with our technology table, beautifully handcrafted tables and plenty of seating.
 FMS Group | Financial Services | The Wealth Emporium
Christine Hornery – Careers in Financial Planning
Christine Hornery – A man is not a financial plan

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