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Understanding the Financial Advice Process

Finances can be overwhelming, and we want to help you feel more comfortable and in control of yours. We’ve got six steps of our financial advice process to try and simplify it for our new and existing clients but if you ever have any questions, click here to contact us.   Step 1: GETTING TO […]

The different types of power of attorney

For some of us, in terms of estate planning and the management of our affairs, our main focus can often be on drafting a will and putting arrangements in place for assets (e.g. super) that may not be covered by our will. These matters primarily centre on how we would like our affairs managed in […]

Saving motives VS saving habits

When it comes to the saving habits of households, there are often three distinct camps; The regular savers The irregular savers Those that do not save (the non-savers) Interestingly, there is often a relationship between saving motives and saving habits. Saving motives can include things such as, for retirement, for children’s needs, to buy a house or consumer […]

Teaching children about money

Teaching children simple concepts about money is an important way to help them understand the value of money. It can also help them to discover the relationships between earning, spending and saving and can go a long way to setting them up for a successful financial future. Here’s 10 ideas of how you can introduce […]

Tips for (financial) domestic bliss!

Did you know that 70% of people experience conflict around money? We feel there’s enough to fight about (do we really have to visit the in-laws again this weekend?!) so here’s some tips about sharing your finances that will hopefully keep this part of the relationship as calm as possible.   SET YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS […]

FMS Group are a Covid Safe registered business

FMS Group are a COVID Safe registered business. We want to communicate some of the procedures we have put into place to ensure that the staff and clients of FMS Group stay as safe as possible.   1. CHECKING IN There is a QR code at reception for all clients to check in. This is […]

Starting your own business

We love hearing about people’s passions that they are turning into their livelihood and being a part of this exciting time of their life. If you don’t know how or where to start in making your dream a reality, this is where our Accountants come in. Below is a list of just some of the […]

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