Reasons to refinance your home loan

In our last blog we talked about making the decision whether or not to refinance, this week I want to delve a little deeper and share with you some of the reasons that you might want to consider before making your decision. As I alluded to last week there are so many great offers around these days there is no real need to stick with the same lender. Of course there will […]

Should I refinance?

Can’t decide whether to refinance or not? Dear James, Interest rates are so low at the moment, some of my friends are telling me they have rates of 3.95% and I’m thinking of refinancing my home loan. However, I don’t know a lot about the costs of refinancing or what’s involved around changing my home loan. How do I know whether refinancing is a good idea or not? Help! Bianca, Bateau Bay Hi Bianca, […]

How can my parents/family help me buy a home?

Given the minimum deposit required to purchase a property, this is a question I seem to be getting more often. Giving a cash gift as a deposit Depending on each lenders requirements you may be required to keep these funds in your bank account for some time (most commonly 3 to 6 months) – This is usually to prove that you can service the loan and hold savings in your […]

How much deposit do I need to buy a home?

  It is important to know how much you will need to save before looking to purchase a new home. By knowing how much you need to save you could potentially negotiate lower interest rates and avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Determine your borrowing capacity A good starting point is to find out how much you can afford to borrow; this can be done by using calculators available on bank […]

Are you entitled to a refund of franking credits?

Its tax time, which means you’ll soon need to establish the value of the franking credits you received from last year’s dividends. One of the benefits of being a shareholder of Australian shares is that many Australian companies reward their shareholders by paying out a dividend. Dividends are essentially a portion of the profit that the company has made during the year, paid to their investors. Often attached to these […]

Never give up

In this video David Hopper – FMS Adviser, talks about the benefits of never giving up To view this video CLICK HERE or on the image below

Dreams become reality

In this video Christine Hornery talks about how good it is to see visions and dreams become a reality To view this video CLICK HERE or on the image below

Achieve your dreams earlier

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Seeking help to help yourself

In this video Christine Hornery discusses the benefits of seeking professional advice, from personal experience. To view the video CLICK HERE or on the image below

$1,000 Cashback on loans settled between now and 30 November 2015.

To help you through the Winter blues, AMP are offering $1,000 Cashback on loans settled between now and 30 November 2015. The $1000 cash will be deposited to an Offset Deposit Account on settlement of the loan. Unlock the power and benefits of an Offset Deposit Account and get a head start on making your home ownership a reality.         The conditions to qualify for the Cashback include: Minimum loan […]